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Our company has been designing and manufacturing special purpose machines, assembly lines and production lines based on individual requests since 1995 in Balassagyarmat, Hungary.

Our activities include mainly the automotive, plastic, metal processing and electronic industry area.

The quality of our products is based on our mechanical and electrical engineers’ and computer programmers’ 10-15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing.
The group of our experienced engineers is specialized to solve technical problems.

Our products have CE marking.

Our company acquired the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality certificate issued by Det Norske Veritas.

We constantly strive to offer solutions suiting best our customers' requirements. Our company has developed complex services of high quality and reliability.

Provisions of the quality assurance system are fully considered throughout designing. Our engineers use AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidEdge softwares and our electrical engineers use EPLAN designing software.
We purchase the commercial and other parts of the lines exclusively from tested suppliers and sub-contractors.

We design and manufacture controlling, testing and measuring equipment and conduct research activities for the energy industry.

With our technological and trading experience we can identify the technologies best suiting our customers and customers and give competitive quotations for the required equipment.

There was a training on nine different fields in the frame of HEFOP/2005/3.4.1. project at our company in 2006-2007. We used the subsidization of the European Union and also the Hungarian government for the project financing. Our engineers and financing experts got professional and language training in the frame of the project. The knowledge got on these training agreed the development of our company and colleagues.

The DELTA-TECH Ltd. made tender successfully to the “Gábor Baross” calling for tender (ÉM_ITN3_07) in 2008. Our consortium partner was the Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research Institute of Logistics and Production Engineering in this innovation project. The project referred to the solving of the special producing problems of the electrical turn-machine production.

We trained our colleagues with the using of TÁMOP - 2.3.3/A-09/1 tender source in 2009-2010. We used the subsidization of the European Union and also the Hungarian government for the trainings. There were six professional and eight language trainings with 23 colleagues’ participation in the project.

Our company is applying for the site development tender announced in the “New Széchenyi Plan”. We applied the tender for the ÉMOP-1.1.1/F-11 invitation for tender in September, 2011. We would like to solve the enlarging of our site in Balassagyarmat with the tender source. We have got the building license for the workshop enlarging from the Board of Housing and Public Construction. The implementation planning of this investment is under construction presently.


Matra-Tech Engineering Office Ltd. was established at 2005 as the Bátonyterenye division of the Delta-Tech Engineering Office Ltd.

Similarly to the Balassagyarmat settlement, Matra-Tech Engineering Office Ltd. designs and manufactures special purpose machines and assembly lines, production lines and equipment for mainly the automotive, electronical and chemical industry upon the customers' individual request.

Complete production and assembly lines, automation, manipulators, robot technology, as well as system integration are part of our profile.

Our activity covers mainly the automotive, electronical, plastic and metal manufacturing industry.

Matra-Tech Engineering Office Ltd. has got mechanical and electrical engineers and programmers with great experiences.
We purchase the commercial and other parts of the lines exclusively from tested suppliers and sub-contractors.

Mechanical engineers use AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and Solid Edge, our electrical engineers use EPLAN.

Our product has CE mark.

The company made tender successfully to the GOP-2.2.2 -2007 tender source. We introduced the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality insurance system with the using of the tender source in the first semester of 2008. The project was closed successfully with 50% finance support intensity in the frame of “New Hungary Development Plan”.

Site enlargement 2012

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Aluminum frame bending equipment
Aluminum frame bending equipment
Motor assembly line
Motor assembly line
Compressor screwing stations
Compressor screwing stations
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