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The focus of the quality-, environment- and business policy of DELTA - TECH Mérnöki Iroda Kft. is the aspiration for the complete satisfaction of the interested parties. To achieve this, the management of the company has decided that the development of the quality, reliability, range and environmental performance of its complex services is continuous.

The general objectives of the company are as follows:

·    we establish the long-term economic stability and continuous increment of the company by the implement of the dynamic market growth

·    we fulfill the requirements of the legislation which affects our activity

·    we provide complex solutions to the problems of our customers

·    we analyze steadily the demands of our customers and we introduce them into our manufacturing and service

·    we follow continuously the technical standards of EU

·    we keep in view the economic advantages of customers

·    we keep the customer as first

·    we over fulfill the demands of customer

·    we motivate and honor morally our colleagues

·    we follow and decrease the environment damaging effects of our activity

The management and all workers of the company use the following tools for the realization of the targets:

·    we operate integrated managing system according to the standards MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 and MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2005

·    we shape a new sales strategy, continue intensive market-researching, explore and acquire unexplored markets

·    we make application for developing the producing infrastructure

·    we use up-to-date CAD computer system during the designing

·    we have continuous training

·    we have regulated waste-and energy management

·    we follow in attention the environmental effects

·    we extend the range of qualified suppliers

·    we contact regularly the customers, participants, end-users and outer interested parties, in addition we adapt their opinions and we make the necessary arrangements

The management of the company declares that make the decisions in accordance with the targets above, and expect from the workers to use these methods subordinated to the quality, environmental and strategy targets.


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Aluminum frame bending equipment
Aluminum frame bending equipment
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Motor assembly line
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Compressor screwing stations
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